Grossisten som hjälper dig med böcker och spel
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Sweden – A crime fiction wonderland

Anita Shenoi

Sweden – A crime fiction wonderland

Sweden – a haven of tranquility and benevolence or a cesspit of corruption and dastardly deeds? Whatever we think of this small Nordic country, one thing’s for sure: it has captured the imagination of crime fiction enthusiasts around the world. From the pretty little coastal villages in the south to the wide open expanses of the north, Sweden has become the setting for some of the most intriguing crime writing in modern time. So what has inspired this macabre phenomenon? Prepare for a spine-chilling adventure as we investigate the famous people and places that have made Sweden a crime fiction wonderland!

Utkommer: 2016-04-15

ISBN: 9789187795084

Artnr: 298